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Fuel Medic: Ethanol Medic


8 oz…..14.99
32 oz…..24.99
1 gal…..89.99

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Product Description

Ethanol Engine Medic is a performance blend of Fuel Medic formulas. It will not only reduce the amount of ethanol but also remove water. 

• Use only in gasoline or ethanol-blended gasoline
• Specifically engineered to clean injectors and pumps
• Eliminates water from tank
• Inhibits corrosion build up
• Enhances the engine’s performance with improved fuel atomization
• Lubricates engine parts
• Stabilizes fuel
• Safe on all outboard engines
• Contains no alcohols or metals

Available in 2 oz & 12 oz sizes

Distributed by Tampa Bay Yacht Masters

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Size (FMEM)

8-oz-14-99, 1-gal-89-99, 32-oz-24-99