Beyond Clean Beyond Green



Several years ago, Stephen Gorton, chief scientist for nzymSys, Inc., developed the concept of making environmentally sound cleaning, odor abatement, mold/bacteria control, and agricultural products using the same sophisticated scientific methods that are used in creating vaccines. Begin by extracting specific enzymes from selected microorganisms, devise a method to preserve them effectively, and then combine the preserved enzymes with other natural ingredients to make very safe and effective formulas to accomplish the desired objectives.

Gorton created a method for germ and mold control that uses the bacteria and mold’s own regulation systems to break down organism populations, thus reducing the incidence of infection or spoilage caused by microorganisms. Gorton credits his research at Iowa State University in plant science and food/environmental safety as the catalyst for this new technology.

Beyond Green Beyond Clean features the first safe DIY fogging system for mold, bacteria and odors.  It’s not the spores you see, but the spores you breathe that count.  Fogging reaches contamination that is out of reach for hard surface chemical wipedowns and demolition projects.  Unlike harsh chemicals like bleach, Beyond Green Beyond Clean will not harm fabrics and finishes.

Beyond Green Beyond Clean uses advanced catalytic enzyme technology and unique natural ingredients from plants.  Beyond Green Beyond Clean sophisticated engineering is designed to defeat the natural defenses of the target pathogens.  It is gives you hospital grade disinfection.  Beyond Green Beyond Clean is 100% BIODEGRADEABLE and is proudly made in the USA.