DE-OIL-IT: The World’s Best Oil Spill Eliminator and Degrader
Hundreds of Applications from Marine to Automotive to Household

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How De-Oil-It Works
In their many forms, petroleum waste kills the earth’s natural bacteria on contact which slows down the natural breakdown process for decades. When applied to grease, fuel, and oil spills, DE-OIL-IT has the ability to disarm these toxic petroleum waste molecules rendering them no longer bio-available. Earth’s natural bacteria can then digest the hydrocarbons completely. This produces great savings on the costs of absorbents and the transportation and disposal of a toxic substances.

What’s left is greatly reduced toxic form of hydrocarbon, degraded and decomposed. Nothing short of sensational,       DE-OIL-IT is non-hazardous and completely biodegradable.


Easier Clean Up
Because of the DE-OIL-IT process, the surface tension of oil is greatly reduced, this means oil will not stick to surfaces making clean up much easier. 

 DE-OIL-IT also completely removes all stains and odors related to grease and fuel and oil spills.

Up to now, there were only three ways to deal with petroleum pollution. Absorbents, which are used to soak up oil can only absorb a marginal percentage of a spill and then they have to be safely disposed of. Degreasers will breakdown petroleum but then you still need absorbents and the remaining toxic waste is washed into the environment polluting our ecosystem. Then there are the enzymes and microbes. While this family of remediation is somewhat effective in eating the petroleum, their by-products are often more damaging to the environment than the petroleum waste itself.

De-Oil-It, A Green 21st Century Technology That Really Works AND Saves Money!
Finally, there is a green product that breaks through the stigma that “green products are not very effective.” Unlike all of the old treatments, DE-OIL-IT is a new generation technology that provides a solution to a world-wide problem. When applied correctly, DE-OIL-IT completely removes most traces of petroleum waste without leaving a residual.

De-Oil-It is a degrader of Oil, Grease and Fuel.  LEARN MORE HERE…

• Best Fuel and Oil Spill Eliminator
✓ Meets and or exceeds Clean Marina criteria
✓ Degrades on land and all other surfaces and reachable sub-surfaces
✓ Degrades fuel & oil spills underground up to 100 feet below the surface
✓ Removes grease, fuel & oil build-ups on motors, machinery and tools
✓ Reduces or eliminates explosive vapors at their source
✓ Has no flash point, can be applied to hot surfaces
✓ No costly cleanup or disposal of contaminated sorbents

• Fuel and Oil Spill Eliminator is the BEST Boat Bilge Cleaner!
✓ Removes grease, fuel and oil spills from boat bilges
✓ Eliminates foul odors caused by fuel and oil spills
✓ Allows for petroleum-free pump-outs back into the water
✓ Cleans test tanks, replaces harmful detergents
✓ No harmful runoff from boat washing & test-tanks
✓ Reduces risk of heavy fines for oily discharges
✓ Cleans/degreases engines & parts, water cleanup

• Use Fuel and Oil Spill Eliminator on your driveway or in your garage!
✓ Removes driveway, paver and sidewalk stains
✓ Removes garage and shop floor stains
✓ Can be applied to service stations stains found at the fuel pumps
✓ Can be applied to concrete parking lots
✓ Great for removing stains from marina docks
✓ Can be applied to auto service station floors
✓ Can be applied to treat commercial and factory floors


NOTE: as of October 2019 De-Oil-It is now packaged as “READY-TO-USE” meaning the product does not require mixing. You can apply directly to the fuel / oil spill, add some water until you see some slight foaming, agitate as necessary, soak, and rinse away. You can use the dilution guide as necessary or call us for advise on product amount, coverage, and soak time.


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Bilge Cleaner

De-Oil-It-22oz-Boat bilge cleaner

  • 32 oz
  • Read to Use
  • Removes Fuel / Oil Spills
  • Eliminates foul oders

Driveway Cleaner

de-oil-it-22oz-drive way stain remover

  • 32 oz
  • Ready to Use
  • Removes Oil spills on concrete
  • Commercial and factory floorsl

Fuel / Oil Spill

De-Oil-it-22oz-Fuel & oil spill eliminator

  • 32 oz
  • Ready to Use
  • Instantly removes spills on water
  • Works on gas, diesel, and oil

1 Gallon


  • 1 Gallon Jug
  • Ready to Use
  • Dilution Guidelines*

5 Gallon 

DE-OIL-IT 5-gallon pail

  • 5 Gallon Pail
  • Ready to Use
  • Dilution Guidelines*

Other sizes 


  • 55 Gallon Drum
  • 275 Gallon Tote
  • 20,000 Gal Tanker
  • Ready to Use
  • Concentrate avail.
  • Dilution Guidelines* for industrial concentrate



  • Dilution Guidelines

      DE-OIL-IT Concentrate Dilution Guide – PDF

  • Square Foot Coverage Guidelines

Call or email to assist with amount of gallons to cover square footage