Environmental Protection Program

As recreational or commercial boaters it is important for all of us to take every step possible to preserve the beauty, cleanliness, and protection of our waterways. It may seem trivial but the products and how we use them on and around our boats can make a difference.

Tampa Bay Yacht Masters ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION PROGRAM (EPP) was created several years ago so that we can provide environmentally safe products for use on your boat to preserve our waterways.

Our efforts are leading the way to placing a hydrocarbon pollutant degrader on the EPA’s National Contingency Plan list (NCP); these efforts established a non-profit organization called the GreenWorld Environmental Alliance (GEA), which works with many industrial experts to further develop safe remediation, conservation, and revitalization of a damaged eco system returning to a sustainable state. Check out http://GEA.Solutions to see how you can join our cause and learn innovative, proven, and optimal methods to cleanup, preserve and return a damaged eco system back to a sustainable state. 

We also provide products that improve and enhance boat fuel systems and lubricants that are environmentally safe to use. Current examples are:

De-Oil-It : A natural organic oil and petroleum (hydrocarbons) degrader, which breaks down complex hydrocarbon molecular structures to smaller, simpler forms that are less toxic, safer, and easier to remove from harming the environment. A degrader is far more efficient managing fuel and oil leaks, a stark contrast to degreasers which only help remove the contaminant but does nothing to reduce the toxicity, meaning you still have a HAZMAT problem when using degreasers – on the contrary De-Oil-It, a degrader, eliminates hydrocarbon pollutants and does not require further hazmat remediation.

Fuel Medics : Gas, Diesel, and Bio-Diesel fuel system treatment solutions. The result is better performance, reduction of algae and elimination of water and ethanol combing to be the main culprit of gummed-up fuel systems and reduced efficiency of the fuel. You gain better fuel economy, improved burn efficiency, and reduce carbon output to the eco system

INOX : Food grade lubricants that dissipate less than 1% (compared to products like WD-40 which dissipates over 30% and is toxic), can endure high temperature and pressure, and can help prevent corrosion and protect your equipment to the highest standard possible. Many use INOX lubricants to keep their bow thrusters in top shape while preventing barnacle, grime and algae growth. Finally, Inox battery conditioners have been highlighted on Ship Shape, as John Greviskis illustrates on youtube, check out the MX2 battery conditioner segment on https://youtu.be/oqzC6deTAAg where they restore a battery they drained for illustrative purposes to show Inox MX2 completely rejuvenated the battery to better than its prior condition!

  As one of the first sponsor’s of Greenworld Environmental Alliance we are excited about their newest venture to help resolve issues concerning water run off into drains from streets, parking lots, commercial complexes etc.. The issue? Many times the end point of these kinds of drains are more likely to reach open waters whereas residential street drainage runoff is typically a retention pond; but both ecosystems should be protected by hydrocarbon contamination (oils, fuels, etc.) Check out http://gea.solutions or their latest Facebook posting

Tampa Bay Yacht Masters offers a wide range of Boat Maintenance products for everyone. Whether you are a recreational boat owner or have a large yacht or commercial ship to maintain we sell products that are environmentally conscious formulated to be safe during the application and run-off into our waterways. Check out our website http://tbym.net/shop to see what we offer.