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The look and feel of real teak without all the trouble and maintenance!    Whether you own a new boat or an older vintage boat, NuTeak Decking can add the look and feel of real teak with the added benefits of virtually no maintenance and a safer deck. This product is fully UV stabilized and non-slip wet or dry. It is also anti-fungal and stain resistant; it does not absorb liquid and is therefore easier to clean. You do not have to oil or varnish it… just wash it. You can also pressure wash it. That’s all you need to do is to enjoy this comfortable and beautiful decking system for years to come.

• Virtually Maintenance Free
• Fully UV Stabilized
• Non Slip Wet or Dry
• Anti Fungal
• Stain resistant
• Can be Pressure Washed
• Costs Less than Teak

INTRODUCING NUTEAK 2.0  (new as of fall 2019).
NuTeak 2.0 is the result of years of “behind the scenes” development and installation experience. This newer version of NuTeak greatly improves the method of attachment between boards that speeds up panel fabrication, speeds up panel fabrication while maximizing bonding strength (300% stronger) at the most critical area – the seam.  

Some new 2.0 key design features :
• 300% bonding wall between strips
• 100% Non-Porous and Anti-Fungal to eliminate mold growth
• 33% less weight which is a huge savings on freight costs and less weight on boat
• 20 Year Limited Warranty the BEST IN THE INDUSTRY
• Retains easy maintenance needing no more than 2 pressure washings per year
• Easy for Do-It-Yourself (DIY) for small applications (use TBYM for large applications)
• Eliminates possible lateral movement of strips
• Underside Diamond Cuts improves bonding on boat surfaces, reduces air pockets
• Most popular teak size available 50mm (2″) with a 5mm (1/4″) black or tan line
• Longer strips available up request for special projects
• More colors available for custom projects
• All designs are still available including bull nose and special cut pieces

You Can Do All Of The Work, Some Of The Work Or None Of The Work.
Tampa Bay Yacht Masters will assist you in all phases of your decking project. If you are a do-it-yourself customer we will help you plan and teach you the tricks of the trade for a professional job. Or we will pre-fabricate the panels to your exact specifications for easy installation. And if all that sounds like more that you want to take on, we will happily have one of our NuTeak experienced craftsmen do the complete installation.

NuTeak exterior synthetic teak is available in 1.8″ and 2.4″ strips with prefabricated black or white holly. Our fabrication process joins these strips together by a special glue to make sure the tongue-n-groove slots are impervise to water; this condition is further strengthen through a unique welding technique on the back of the joined strips, and then glued to the floor with a marine grade epoxy. Our fabrication experts can then with your selection customize not only to fit for your boat but also to add margins (boarders), plus we can seamlessly manage your hatches.  

We can assist you in determining the best approach for the layout that best suits your boat and of course your budget. Please contact us for a free estimate.

MAIL: sales@tbym.net

Phone: 813-820-3736


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