Fuel Medic: 2 & 4 Cycle Engine


1 oz…..6.99  this is a two 1oz vial blister pack
12 oz…..15.99


2 & 4 Cycle Engine Medic, distributed by Tampa Bay Yacht Masters, is a Corrective blend of Fuel Medic formulas. It will not only prevent the damage and inefficiencies of current fuel composition but will also reverse most existing ethanol related problems.

• Use only in gasoline or ethanol-blended gasoline
• Specifically engineered for the small engine market
• Reverses most existing ethanol related problems
• Restores carburetors and assures easy start
• Enhances the engine’s performance with improved fuel atomization
• Prevents water issues with gasoline
• Stabilizes fuel
• Safely dissolves gums, varnishes and carbon deposits
• Keeps injectors and carburetors clean

Normal Mixture Ratio: 1oz. / 2.5 Gallons of Fuel

Available in 1 oz & 12 oz sizes


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