Fuel Medic: 2 & 4 Carb Rescue


Fuel Medic: Carb Rescue – 2&4 Cycle Engines  1 oz…..3.99


Fuel Medic Carb Rescue, distributed by Tampa Bay Yacht Masters, is corrective formula and cleans carburetors on the spot. Removes harmful deposits, without harmful additives. Super concentrated 1oz package treats up to 2.5 gallons of fuel

• Removes water from fuel
• Ethanol protection (eliminates ethanol)
• Makes easier starts
• Premium fuel stabilizer lasting up to 2 years
• Corrosion inhibitor
• Prevents phase separation
• Cleans carburetor by removing deposits
• Safely dissolves gums, varnishes and carbon deposits
• Keeps injectors and intake values clean

Available in 1 oz, single vial

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