Fuel Medic: Diesel Cleaner


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Fuel Medic Diesel Cleaner Corrective Blend

This an all-in-one diesel fuel treatment solution. Use it every time you fill up with diesel or bio-diesel fuel. Selected by Tampa Bay Yacht Masters, distributor of Fuel Medic, as a superior remedy and preventative care treatment for the marine, residential and commercial diesel fuel use. A must have for those investing in home generators to keep your fuel ready at any moment for an emergency.

• Use only in diesel or bio-diesel fuel
• Eliminates algae in a controlled process that does not overload filters
• Raises Cetane 4 to 6 points
• Enhances engine’s performance with improved fuel atomization
• Disperses both dissolved and free water
• Provides Lubricity to meet or exceed all OEM specifications
• Improves Fuel injector cleanliness to meet or exceed Cummins L-10 specification
• Inhibits corrosion to meet or exceed Cummins N-14 specification
• Acts to protect seals and gaskets
• Stabilizes fuel and neutralizes acids
• Dissolves gums, varnishes & carbon deposits
• Normal Mixture Ratio: 1 oz./3.5 Gallons of FuelDiesel Cleaner
Comes in 12 oz, 32 oz, 1 Gal, 2.5 Gal.

2,5 gallon jug treats 2,500 gallons

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