Fuel Medic: Marine Medic (Outboard)

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Fuel Medic’s Marine Medic is like Ethanol Medic, but is formulated specifically for Outboard Marine Engines. One of the most important ingredients in Marine Medic is RING GUARD to protect your engine and reduces the need for multiple products.

Use Marine Medic to prolong life of fuel, stabilizes fuel, removes water (which is what causes problems such as gum build-up, and adhering to oil break-down to then form emulsifiers that can clog your fuel line). Marine Medic will reduce ethanol, adds octane, and increases performance. Don’t put gas in your outboard motor without Marine Medic! Distributed by Tampa Bay Yacht Masters

• Improves atomization of fuels
• Inhibits Corrosion
• Inhibits growth of algae and bacteria
• Creates easy starts
• Improves octane
• Cleans carburetors and intake values
• Stops fuel line freeze ups
• Slows oxidation of fuels
• Superior fuel stabilizer


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