MX7: lube Ultra Extreme Pressure .


125 g Tube…..18.00

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INOX-MX7 is specially formulated Extreme Pressure Lithium based grease containing a high percentage of Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) designed for Ultra Extreme Pressure Lubrication and where tough Thread Anti-Seize applications are required.

INOX-MX7, distributed by Tampa Bay Yacht Masters, provides high film strength, protects against start up damage in new and reconditioned machinery after long down periods before initial startup.

INOX-MX7 gives long term lubrication to parts and machinery that are difficult or impossible to lubricate after assembly.

INOX-MX7 allows for more even torque pressures and faster breakouts of joints, gaskets and threads.

INOX-MX7 contains anti-corrosion additives.

Engine & Cylinder Head Assembly – Injection Mold Tool Lubricant – Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Assembly – Thread & Pipe Anti-Seize – Extreme Pressure Anti-Friction Applications


BEARINGS, SLIDES & BUSHES: All bearings, bushes, slides, guides and bearing surfaces, universals & CV joints, assembly lubricant and where further lubrication is difficult or impossible after assembly.

ENGINES & CYLINDER HEADS: Camshaft followers, head stud shoulders, valve stems, oil seals, gaskets surfaces, all crankshaft & camshaft bearing surfaces.

ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT: Relay and switch gear hinge pins, solenoid shaft bushes and bearings for all motors, generators and alternators.

FARMING: Chains and sprockets, PTO splines and couplings, pumps, windmill gears and shafts, shearing elbow and overhead gear, travelling irrigators.

INDUSTRY: All mechanical equipment and machine assembly, hinges, slides, guides, splines, bushes and pins, cables and pulleys, railway points and switch gear, sewing machines, open gears, steering assemblies and cables, drive shafts.

MARINE: Cables and winches, propeller shaft seals and stuffing boxes, control and steering inner cables, slip cradle wheel bearings and bushes.

THREADS & PIPES: Tapping and thread cutting lubricant, seals pipe threads, greatly reduces corrosion freeze of threads.

TRANSPORT & AUTOMOTIVE: Gearbox spigot shaft splines, fly wheel bushes and bearings, assembly of differentials and gearboxes, door lock and wiper assemblies and linkages, prime mover turntables, hinge pins.

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