MX9: No Chukka Chain Lube


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INOX-MX9 No Chukka Chain Lube is a superior grade, high speed, extreme pressure chain lube formulated with special tackifiers, coagulants, anti-corrosion and water proofing compounds to make it stay on the chain, hence the name ‘No Chukka Chain Lube’.

INOX-MX9 also contains the extreme pressure friction modifier Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) for greater lubrication and reduced wear on chain links and sprockets under heavy load conditions. A website favorite among bikers who depend on Tampa Bay Yacht Masters to distribute this highly specialized and sought after lubricant by Inox.

INOX-MX9 also has a very high resistance to salt and chemical corrosion and water washout.

All motorcycle, bicycle and go kart chains.

All chain and sprocket drives for forklifts, vehicle hoists, farm and mining machinery, industrial and commercial and any other extreme pressure or high speed application where chain and sprocket drives might be used.

Open gears, winch cables, chains, steering and heavy duty inner control cables Metal bushes, small pin and ball bearings, bearing slides

NOTE: To get the best life out of motorcycle chains, it is recommended to clean the chain first before using INOX-MX9 for its first application and then after every fifth or sixth application of INOX-MX9 No Chukka Chain Lube.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: For the best results, it is recommended to clean the chain first by spraying it with heavy coat of INOX-MX11 Chain & Brake Clean (please read direction for use on can before using). This will clean the chain and leave it dry in a few minutes with no residue. Next spray a liberal coating of INOX-MX9 No Chukka Chain Lube on the chain and allow a few minutes for the chain lube to penetrate the chain linkages/pins and for the solvent carrier and propellant gas to evaporate.

INOX-MX9 will not harm motorcycle chain ‘O’ rings.

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