NuTeak Exterior Decking synthetic teak

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All NuTeak Synthetic Teak Decking projects by Tampa Bay Yacht Masters are customized to your boat and we will require specific dimensions of the area you want to upgrade. Photos are also very important for an accurate estimate.

As your request, we will either send you 1) the materials, 2) the Nuteak pre-cut to your specifications or 3) we will have one of our Nuteak craftsmen come out and do the complete job.

DIY materials only (you custom cut, fit and install) starts at $45 sq.ft. (includes adhesive).

Pre-fabricated panels using customer created templates starts at $62 sq.ft. (includes reverse weld)

Full installation (our crew templates, fabricates custom fit and installs) starts at $76 sq.ft. (no margin) or leading edge margin starts at $85 sq.ft.

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